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"I use my spa for recovery after running. I just had knee surgery. The spa is the greatest feeling in the world. I love the jets. It has really helped my recovery. Thanks for making such a great product!"
Robert D.

February 2010

Scott Hoffman
Hoffman's Backyard Superstore
Weatherford, Oklahoma


We purchased our Hotsprings Envoy Spa from you in September of last year, just wanted to send you a note relating our experience with the Envoy Spa during the ice storm in Altus in late January.

We were without power for 8 days from January 28th thru February 4th, with freezing temperatures most of the period (several days in the teens).

Early on, we were concerned about what would happen to the spa without power for circulation and heat for that long. As you suggested, we didn't open the cover and hoped for the best. At the time power went out, the spa water temperature would have been at the 98 degree level that we maintain.

When power came back on, we were very pleasantly surprised that the water temperature in the spa was still at 72 degrees after all that time in the cold. We drained and refilled the spa and it is operating normally.

One of the advantages that you mentioned about the Hotsprings spa was the great insulating feature. This obviously paid off in our case. We are certainly glad that we chose to pay the extra for the quality of the Hotsprings Spa.

We also appreciate the great service you have provided. Please feel free to use us as a reference.


Keith & Patty K.
Altus, Oklahoma

"Love our Hot Spring Spa. Have owned our current Prodigy model for 5-1/2 years- has been through 3 moves with us! Children have gotten bigger and we are in the process of upgrading to a new spa. After reviewing all the various brands available, we've confirmed our original purchase decision (probably greatly influenced by a 5+ year no problem experience) and are awaiting the arrival of our Hot Spring Grandee! Great product, excellent value!"
Sam H.

"A Hot Spring Spa by far is the highest quality spa you can buy. I have shopped them all and you can't beat a Hot Spring Spa!"
Dana D.

"Our Sovereign model has served us well for 6 years, one of the best buys we have ever made. It has become a tradition with our neighbors to take a soak every Christmas Eve. No better place when it is snowing out. Thanks for all the good times."
Thomas I.

"I have two Hot Spring spas—one at our regular home and one at our vacation home. I'm sold on your products!"
Kevin K.

"We simply love our Hot Spring spa and can't say enough good things about it."
Georgia B.

"This is our 2nd Hot Spring spa we have owned. When our previous spa was moved to our new home, the movers told us that they have never seen such quality construction. Apparently, other spas that they have moved didn't hold up as well during the transit. We had no problems with our Hot Spring spa!."
Doris G.

"We had your Hot Spot spa for the past seven years and loved it. We recently traded it in and upgraded to a Vista."
Bob F.

"I will recommend a Hot Spring spa to everyone. It was well worth the extra money we spent."
Linda K.

"We owned the Hot Spring Classic spa previously for five years. We're sorry we sold it with our house, but now we are the proud owners of a new Prodigy spa and we are enjoying every minute of it."
Henry F.

Hoffman's Backyard Superstore

609 E. Tom Stafford
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